How the KOOLMD Online Healthcare Portal Works?

The KOOLMD telehealth platform provides you the patient a revolutionary, innovative, convenient and cost cutting state of the art modern approach for getting in touch with a top notch medical doctor--When You Need It, Where you need it for a variety of non-emergent health complaints. KOOLMD delivers Healthcare to You, With the Click of a Mouse or Just A Phone Call Away or via a Videoconferencing session. Say goodbye to the days of driving to a healthcare facility, clinic, medical center or hospital emergency room for a non-emergent doctor visit. Now you can access distant quality healthcare consulting firms from the comfort of your home or even while on vacation or at work. You need not drive through hectic traffic to address a simple health concern to get answers to medically related questions. Sure there are tons of medical information websites, but nothing substitutes for a medical consultation with a live physician. That is exactly what we do. There are many who are under-insured or uninsured; KOOLMD helps fill this gap. Many who are insured also may not be able to leave work or take a personal day for a medical visit. Again KOOLMD has the right answer for this group of patients.

REGISTER NOW to set up your Telephone or Webcam Consult with a Physician.


1) REGISTER NOW to open your account with us.

2) You will receive a confirmation Email and URL link which will allow you to complete your registration process and complete your health profile on the KOOLMD online healthcare portal.

3) Complete your personal health history and intake information and review of systems as best as possible prior to your appointment.

4) Select a date and time to pick and appointment with a physician from your geographic region.

5) Pay for the Appointment via our secure shopping cart. Our consults cost $90 per session for new or recheck appointment.

6) Get ready for the consultation with a Physician via Telephone or Videoconferencing at the selected date and time. Please await a phone or Videoconferencing contact while you are logged into your KOOLMD online healthcare portal.

7) Get your Medical prescription or refill transmitted to the Pharmacy of your choice

7) Get your Medical prescription or refill transmitted to the Pharmacy of your choice

KOOLMD abides by the USA HIPAA Federal law.

KOOLMD doctors and providers generally do not address true medical emergencies as these are best managed by a visit to a local hospital or medical center. Please call 911 or your country's emergency services number or self-refer to any Emergency Room at Hospital to get immediate medical attention for any health condition that may represent a medical emergency. We also cannot provide you any medical advice without first being a registered patient with KOOLMD and having secured a virtual consultation with one of our physicians in your State, Province or country where you reside. There are requirements in each State or Province or Country are different for the practice of telemedical, telehealth or virtual medicine. Certain restrictions apply. KOOLMD abides by these requirements and regulations.

KOOLMD requires a valid government issued photo ID for completion of your registration.