Treat Different Medical Conditions through our Customized Telemedical and Telehealth services

Our top notch KOOLMD’s medical doctors and other allied healthcare professionals have a diverse background and able to address a number of healthcare conditions. For certain health conditions a physician may recommend a direct examination with a physician in your locality. Our healthcare providers go through a thorough credentialing process prior to their acceptance as a KOOLMD provider. By using our convenient healthcare portal you avoid long waits at the Emergency Room, or Urgent care or clinic facilities. You bypass a lot of the hassle and process and connect directly to a qualified compassionate healthcare provider who can address your particular needs.

KOOLMD’s medical doctors, healthcare providers, and allied healthcare staff, may offer medical advice on a number of health conditions through telehealth services. The decision to treat a particular medical condition is also contingent on the particular condition and its requirement for additional testing to further diagnose a condition. Only healthcare providers or medical doctors though may call in a prescription and initiate a treatment course. A medical doctor may in discussion with the patient call in a prescription to the patient’s favorite pharmacy (local or mail order type). Providers may also when requested provide a legitimate medical excuses for time off from work, or recommendations for return to work or return to school. Rarely medical excuses may be used by military personnel when required to properly document a medical condition prior to military deployment. These may require an actual an in person physical examination to complete the evaluations. But our goal at KOOLMD is to provide distant telemedical services with no requirement for face to face visits when the condition is stable and not likely to deteriorate in the immediate time period. You can access KOOLMD’s telehealth and telemedical services at any time as per your convenience.

Medical Excuses for Work, School, Military and Airlines

Our trained medical staff professionals are able to provide you medical excuses for time off from work to attend to a family emergency, a medical condition, a personal issue, for employers, school, even the military and airlines when medically appropriate and warranted.

* Vomiting immediately after a meal could indicate blockage or obstruction in the stomach but can be associated with certain psychiatric disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. Prolonged vomiting requires immediate emergent care and should be attended via an Emergency Medicine department in an Emergency Room setting to stabilize, diagnose and properly manage this condition. Chronic vomiting or nausea may herald and intestinal obstruction or Pancreatitis which are medical emergencies. Abdominal pain followed by vomiting may be suggestive of an inflammation in the abdomen such as pancreatitis or intestinal obstruction. However vomiting that occurs over a course of several hours after a meal may indicate or suggest a blockage in the stomach or intestines. In cases where a patient experiences explosive projectile vomiting this condition may be associated with an increased pressure inside the brain such as meningitis or tumors or an intracranial hemorrhage. Intracranial hemorrhage or bleeding inside the head of any type is considered a medical emergency and should be treated in an emergency room setting. If in doubt, please call 911 or self-refer to the nearest Emergency Room in your city.