Telemedicine Service Provider : A Viable Alternative

Real time telemedicine could be as simple as a telephone call or as complex as robotic surgery. It requires that both parties be present at the same time and a communications link that would allow a real-time interaction to take place. Video-conferencing equipment can be used to assist the physician in an interactive examination. For instance use of a webcam to examine a skin rash or visible condition. Use of Video and Teleconferencing technologies have evolved considerably each year within different universities, medical centers and hospitals using cameras and teleconferencing technologies to communicate with large groups of people at distant locations. Many teachers in major universities are using Videoconferencing technologies to reach thousands of students belonging to their universities in their country or in other nations. Students benefit in their ability in attending classes at a distant location where campus attendance may not be feasible or practical. Similarly the use of Videoconferencing and Virtual Medicine and online medical consultations with a physician through our telemedicine solutions, could allow thousands of patients in many parts of the country to have easy access to a health care provider for a stable medical condition that needs periodic evaluations, monitoring or advice. Being one of the top telemedicine providers, KOOLMD provides innovative healthcare solutions that only an accomplished telemedicine service provider can.

In telemedicine when instrumentation is deemed medical necessary to evaluate a bodily region, different peripheral devices are utilized. For instance a peripheral device such as a Tele-otoscope would enable the physician to 'see" inside a patient's ear or use of a Tele-stethoscope would enable the physician to listen to the heart sounds and heartbeat of a patient thousands of miles away.Such amazing telemedicine solutions are a boon for such people who live in remote areas.

Medical specialties conducive to this kind of consultation include Dermatology, Psychiatry or Telepsychiatry, Family Medicine, Internal medicine, Rehabilitation, Cardiology or Telecardiology, Pathology, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Neurology, Radiology or Teleradiology and Pharmacy. Possible additions may be Telecounseling and Telepsychology consultations. Now Teleconsultations can be done with a wide range of specialists. With the use of the internet medical information and be forwarded from one location on the planet (or space) to another location in a matter of seconds.

Store-and-forward telemedicine involves acquiring medical data (like medical images, biosignals etc) and then transmitting this data to a doctor or medical specialist at a convenient time for assessment offline. For instance sending MRI images to a Radiologist or taking images of a skin lesion for a physician to diagnose. It does not require the presence of both parties at the same time.

KOOLMD offers customized telemedicine solutions that even many top telemedicine companies are still unable to provide.